Wow, look, I can't believe how big my penis is. This was yesterday at the end of my morning erection so my penis is a little soft, if I had filmed a little more quickly you would have seen the monster lol.

My exes didn't care about me, I know because they always told their friends that I was bad in bed and had a small penis.

I searched on the Internet for how to grow my penis quickly and without surgery and I've discovered the secret of the porn actors!Enlarge your penis

I've used it for 3 months and now I have a large penis like the porn stars. I can't keep this to myself and leave other men to suffer like I did. There's no need for jealousy, there's enough bitches for us all!

I'm taking about::

  • A method that really works
  • 100% natural (plants and vitamins)
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You'll be surprised at what awaits you.

One evening after reading up on penis operations (bad idea: too expensive, too painful, too horrible), I started surfing porn sites. And while watching porn films I tilted my head: that's not possible, they weren't all born with the same penises!

I looked everywhere, read tens of forums, viewed private American sites and at 5am I finally found the secret of the porn actors: a natural method developed from plants and vitamins as well as exercises to enlargethe penis, increase its circumference and multiply sensations felt during an orgasm.


I had my doubts at first, especially when I discovered the secret of American actors, the site distributing this secret is only reserved for the United States. I continued to search and I found a French site offering the same thing! Pleasant, made in France, fast and discreet delivery, the Holy Grail!

I've already said I've been using this method for 3 months.My penis has changed, it's impressive.I've been rigorous from the start and my "blade of grass" has become a redwood!!

The Blackcore-EDGE MAX program really works, it's not bullshit. This program includes access to a private site including numerous exercises and the daily intake of Blackcore-EDGE MAX capsules. This cocktail of plants and vitamins targets both the size of your penis and your body's sensations during orgasm.

I received my boxes of capsules just three days after placing my order.

Compete discretion: nothing is written on the label!

One week later and my erect penis is already showing big differences.

And now, have you seen the video? And I'm not fully erect, far from it. I have a big penis, I'm going through the bitches and my old friend who stole my ex, not I fuck her LOL.

Look, it's SIMPLE:

Get a bigger penis

In addition to the exercises available in my private area on Blackcore-EDGE MAX, I take 2 Blackcore-EDGE MAX capsules every morning. This food supplement has been specially designed to give your penis strength and impressive vigour. Your muscle is at the base and is ready to grow.

These are exactly the same capsules that porn actors take for a giant thick penis: the best thing for pleasing women.

Taking the capsules combined with my exercises and the advice available on the Blackcore-EDGE MAX private site has helped me to enlarge my penis. It's simple, not constricting, it's quick and easy. Don't wait any longer and do what I did.

Compare the explosive growth of your penis with other readers of my blog!

Use Blackcore-EDGE MAX! All you have to do is follow the recommendations you're given. I never forget to take my Blackcore-EDGE MAX every day.

You see the first results so quickly, I couldn't believe it. This was my first summer dating and I'm a huge hit! On my favourite dating site I got the bitch who only wanted my penis. And as I just want to have fun right now I don't stay in contact and I move onto the next bitch. I can't believe it! And when I want a quiet evening, I can masturbate for long periods in front of a porn film and it feels great. I can't wait to keep the girls warm under the duvet this winter!

Don't forget to take before and after photos when you post here and to encourage others. Don't delay, you could receive your capsules and start your treatment in just 3 days.

Happy growing everyone :)


  • by Cliff, Friday the 15th of January

    hello I want to know how long it will take for me to receive my capsules and how long will it take for me to see a difference thanks

  • by Admin, Saturday the 16th of January

    Hello Don, I received my two boxes 3 days after placing my order. You don't know what it is until you open it so it's discreet, efficient and fast. For me the pleasure (even from masturbation) increased after 2 days.

  • by ugoG3M4r, Sunday the 17th of January

    I saw your blog on a forum! I've tried myself and I'll come back with my comments: thanks for sharing!.

    Before After 2 weeks
  • by ArsenalFan, Monday the 18th of January

    here is my penis after just 1 week, it's already bigger lol.

  • by Anonym, Monday the 18th of January

    well done it's great, I'll try it and come back with some photos.

  • by Admin, Monday the 18th of January

    Great I can't wait to see it! Can you tell us the old and new size of your penis?

  • by Terry, Wednesday the 20th of January

    Thanks, thanks to you and your blog my penis is giant, look everyone I've been taking the capsules for 4 months and follow the Blackcore-EDGE MAX program, it's just a trick you've found.

  • by ArsenalFan, Wednesday the 20th of January

    Hello, my penis isn't very big and I can't wait to receive my capsules.

  • by don, Thursday the 21st of January

    hey do you wagnt to see my penis? lol it's very strong because I've been on the virilbooster program for 4 months, how long have you been taking them for?

  • by ArsenalFan, Thursday the 21st of January

    Here's my big penis with my deodorant to prove how big it is. Thanks to the inventors of Blackcore-EDGE MAX cya

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